Frequently Asked Questions

Ø  What is offers a platform connecting store owners and consumers in a one stop shop. Browse through our store, order your cravings and we’ll deliver it to your doorsteps. As we say it, “You Buy It, We Mooooove It.” We are a startup ecommerce in the province catering to food delivery service partnering with our local entrepreneurs and other food business establishments and maximizing opportunities for riders who chose to partner with us.

Ø  Where do you deliver? shall deliver Orders depending on the location of the stores.

  • Solano stores – Delivers on all parts of Solano and some parts of Bayombong, Villaverde, and Quezon
  • Bayombong stores – Delivers on most parts of Bayombong and Solano town proper. (except for Magapuy, Paitan, Bansing, Cabuaan, Ipil-Cuneg)

You may check further with our customer support through our messenger feature in the Platform or thru our FB Page if your specific location is covered.

Ø  What are your Operating Hours? shall operate from 9:00AM – 6:00PM daily catering for your orders. However, availability of orders may vary per operating hours of our Partner Stores. Preorder may be made possible for certain orders and in such cases, please coordinate with our customer support thru our messenger chat support or thru our FB Page for further assistance.

Ø  How can I use my coupon code or CaraPoints?

Coupon codes are vouchers offered by specific stores or by us. CaraPoints may be acquired through SignUp, Completion of an Order with a minimum checkout of Php300 or thru Referral Link. There is a portion prior to checkout where you can fill in the coupon code or apply points so it would automatically be deducted to the total order amount. Coupon codes may only be used once and has validity periods indicated once awarded to or received by the customers while CaraPoints has no expiration and may be used in total balance or partial.

Ø  Is an account needed to order in

Creating an account is not mandatory. You may order as Guest and checkout without registering as a user. Once order is made, there is an option for you to register your account as you fill in details necessary for delivery of your Order. Registered Users may have better perks in the future and monitoring of orders in the platform is only possible for registered users.

Ø  How to Create an Account in

Click on Account then fill in details in Sign Up column or to make things easier, you may connect your Facebook, Google or Twitter accounts in one click.

Ø  How to Order in

¨      Browse on our platform > Click on the Store > Select Delivery Location (Town/Barangay)

¨      Click on Store > Add to Cart

¨      Proceed to Checkout: Make sure you provide accurate data for the details needed in the process.

o   Exact delivery address;

o   Payment Method, in COD cases, the amount of bill available at hand;

o   Phone Number – your contact details are vital as we may need to contact you in some cases.

o   Notes – as needed for specific requests or landmarks for locations.

o   Tick on Terms and Conditions

¨      Place Order

Ø  Why order online instead on phone?

There are various reasons why ordering online is more beneficial to the customers rather than phoning in for buying food.

  • Wide array of menus are at a one stop platform where you could browse and choose from. You may also view sample pictures which you could refer from. This lessens the questioning on what is on the menu.
  • You may also review on your previous orders via Account > Orders and check on items which you have enjoyed the most, click on them and add to cart then proceed with the usual checkout procedure.

Ø  How long does it take for Orders to be delivered?

Delivery time varies depending on the quantity and order per store. We may estimate a period and indicate in the confirmation mail which we will send upon successful placing of an order. For tracking orders, you may check at Account > Orders for Registered Users or verify with our customer support for cases of guest checkouts via messenger feature in our Platform or thru directly messaging our social media accounts for speedy relations.

Ø  How can I cancel my Order?

In the event of a cancellation, Users who are logged in at the time of placing their orders has a 15-min. allowance of whether or not to cancel their orders when status is still “Processing”. For guest checkouts, please contact our customer support immediately. Note, however, on the terms and conditions we have provided regarding this concern.

Ø  How much is the fee for handling and delivery?

Handling and Delivery fee varies depending on the location of the store and the customer. This will be automatically computed prior to check out of Order.

Ø  What are the payment methods available?

Payment options, currently, are through Cash on Delivery and Direct Transfer – Gcash, BDO and BPI, however we may impose other payment options in the future from time to time.

Ø  Is multiple store checkout allowed?

The system won’t allow multiple store checkout at the moment. If you wish to checkout from different stores, you would have to place orders separately.